'I was disgusted'; Ont. vet caught choking, punching animals

'I was disgusted'; Ont. vet caught choking, punching animals
By Bill Sawchuk, St. Catharines Standard
First posted: Thursday, September 15, 2016 10:48 AM EDT | Updated: Thursday, September 15, 2016 11:06 AM EDT
ST. CATHARINES, Ont. -- The College of Veterinarians of Ontario has suspended a St. Catharines veterinarian for professional misconduct after he was caught abusing animals.
But a group of former employees of Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi — upset with penalties they felt were too lenient — have gone public with their complaints and released videos, which were also viewed by the college, showing him hitting and choking animals in his care.
“He told me that if you handle them roughly enough, they will learn their lesson — and they did. They remembered him,” said Larissa Engels, a veterinary technician at Skyway Animal Hospital on Welland Avenue.
Rekhi was suspended on Aug. 20.
Rekhi must also pay the college $10,000, be retrained in the proper way to restrain animals, and will be subject to three unannounced inspections each year for two years. The suspension is for 10 months.
Editor's note: The following video contains graphic content.
The college will cut his suspension to four months after he completes the short retraining program and writes a paper about what he has learned.
The technicians recorded 12 videos of Rekhi’s actions in examining rooms that were out of eyesight of the pets’ owners.
They forwarded them to the college, with written statements to accompany each video.
Jessica Hamilton, one of the veterinary technicians involved in the complaint, worked at the clinic for six months in 2013 and 2014.
“I needed the job badly,” she said. “My friend said you don’t want to work here. I kept saying I need the job. I got the job. My friend sat me down and said you have to see what’s happening here.”
Hamilton said Rekhi put security cameras in the clinic, including one in the back treatment area near the surgery table.
“We decided that if we saw him do something, or abuse an animal, we would look at the time on the clock and remember it in our head,” she said.
“When he left, we would rewind the security tapes and record it with our cellphones.”
Editor's note: The following video contains graphic content.
Hamilton said it wasn’t just a case of the veterinarian mishandling animals.
“A vet has to handle animals and restrain them. I call it using wrestling moves,” Hamilton said.
“This isn’t that. This is violence. This is punching them. He was choking them. You swear an oath as a vet not to do anything like this. You are supposed to love animals.”
Efforts to reach Rekhi by phone were unsuccessful.
The clinic is still open. A woman there who identified herself as a veterinary technician wouldn’t answer a question about the last time she had talked to Dr. Rekhi but said she would give the reporter’s contact information to him.
A spokesperson for the veterinarians college did not respond to requests for an interview Wednesday.
Hamilton said the technicians waited until they had collected enough evidence for what they felt was an air-tight case.
She said the college receives a lot of complaints about veterinarians. The technicians didn’t want the complaint dismissed with the excuse that it was launched by disgruntled employees or because they had misunderstood the “techniques” the veterinarian was using.
“I was disgusted and hated every minute working at my job, but I was determined to get the truth out,” Hamilton said.
“The videos are hard to watch to this day. There was one where there was a little Chihuahua. The dog was a typical Chihuahua. He could be nasty. A little old lady owned him. She was a good client. The dog had a tick on his head, but it had fallen off. There was a little bald patch. She was worried.
“He (the dog) was so good for us. The other vet tech and I had taken good care of the dog. We had taken his muzzle off. We were so proud of the dog.
“In the video, you can see (Rekhi) puts his hands around the dog’s neck and starts choking him. The dog starts fighting. The dog starts defecating and urinating all over the table because he is suffocating. (Rekhi) starts punching the dog in the face.”
Hamilton said that was the first time she had seen Dr. Rekhi act that way around an animal.
She said the dog was a difficult patient.
“I told my friend that if I ever saw anything like that, I would stand up to him, but I didn’t,” Hamilton said. “The first time I saw it, I froze. I just stood there like a statue. I didn’t know how to react, but I just kept telling myself not to freak out. We would get the evidence we need on the cameras.
“I did say, ‘Why are you doing this?’ at one point. He answered, ‘(The dog) deserves it.’”
Kevin Strooband, executive director of the Lincoln County Humane Society, said he wasn’t aware of the details of the complaint and couldn’t comment on the situation. He said the humane society was not notified of this complaint.
“The Lincoln County Humane Society would receive complaints of animal abuse made against a veterinarian,” he said. “We would investigate these complaints in the same manner as we would any other investigation.”
Hamilton and Engels are dismayed Rekhi can cut his suspension to four months if he undergoes about two days of retraining.
“When he dealt with clients, he had a good rapport with them. He was good at schmoozing, but he acted differently in the back. When the (veterinarians association) said four months, it didn’t seem right. That’s why we decided to go public with the videos.
“It seems too lenient. We don’t want him handling animals again.”
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A still frame from a video given as evidence against Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. (St. Catharines Standard/Postmedia Network)



'I was disgusted'; Ont. vet caught choking, punching animals | Ontario | News |
The dog nipped the vet in the second video
My mother the vet (DVM) would have whacked the dog's nose too
so would I with a nippy dog
Just like if it pooped on the rug...
you rub the dogs nose in the poo and put him outside

In the outside world there is a one bite rule
https://dogbitelaw.com/one-bite-rule/one-bite-rule (external - login to view)

I used to feed sometimes 60 pets on weekend mornings and run them into the runs
never got bit once, but if I had, the instruction was to administer an
"I mean business whack on the schnozolla"

In the first vid I would never do something like that, but was there any harm?
It doesn't look like a hard impact..
I get the impression the guy is production line numb
and/or possibly that was a destroyed pet

The employees complaints and the boards decision looks and reads like there was more to it then just these two videos

Hell, the beagle guy down the street shoots beagles that run the wrong way on a track and everyone knows it
so far not a word to anyone about that
I guess the uppitty class deer hunters like the dogs that live well enough
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Might I suggest he be allowed to do it to a pack of pitbulls.
would you like to know what a vet will do to a pit bull if it bites them?
"Ah, the things we write on records to help the next veterinarian avoid slaughter. Aggressive dogs. It’s a fact of a veterinarian’s life. No matter how you code your records to protect yourself and your staff, being a small animal vet means learning how to deal with fearful and aggressive patients"
Aggressive Dog at the Vet's Office: Little Bit Turns Into Big Bite (external - login to view)

"The regulations stipulate that restricted pit bulls be muzzled and leashed unless the dogs are on their owners' enclosed property or on enclosed property occupied by another person who consents to the pit bull being without a muzzle or leash."

I’ve learned this the hard way, after many, many bites. But after a colleague was bitten by a feline patient badly enough to be hospitalized, I started wondering about all the “hidden costs” of a bad bite. Here’s a roundup of a few issues you might not consider:
1. It costs more money than you’d think.
The risk of rabies may be slight but it’s real.
According to our local public health powers-that-be, even this minuscule risk was sufficient to subject my colleague to a $20,000 round of painful post-exposure vaccines.
The psychological risk is no small matter.
When a Pet Bites the Vet: Hidden Consequences You May Not Realize (external - login to view)
The clinic at the centre of animal abuse controversy was vandalized overnight.

Eggs and bags of feces were thrown at the Skyway Animal Hospital on Welland Avenue in St. Catharines.

The clinic was closed yesterday after video surfaces showing Dr. Mahavir Rekhi being abusive with animals in his care.

He's pleaded guilty to charges and was suspended for 10 months by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, but is able to reduce the sentence to 6 months if he takes a short training course.

The Lincoln County Humane Society is investigating to see if criminal charges can be laid.

Meantime, the petition circulating online asking the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) to take away the licence of Dr. Rekhi has more than 24-thousand signatures.

Click here (external - login to view) to see the petition.

News Talk 610 CKTB :: Skyway Animal Hospital vandalized :: News - Article (external - login to view)
Make that 24,001, where do I sign?
Death threats against abusive vet: lawyer
Says Mahavir Singh Rekhi has also been threatened with vigilante justice over treatment of animals
By The Canadian Press
First posted: Friday, September 16, 2016 05:19 PM EDT | Updated: Friday, September 16, 2016 06:54 PM EDT
The lawyer for a St. Catharines veterinarian suspended over mistreatment of animals in his care says his client has received death threats after videos showing him striking, choking and slamming cats and dogs appeared in the Standard and other media outlets.
Mahavir Singh Rekhi pleaded guilty to professional misconduct at the College of Veterinarians of Ontario in July after four former employees filed a complaint about his conduct.
Lawyer Neil Adamson says Rekhi and his family have been subject to serious threats and vigilante justice after some of the 12 videos the former employees submitted to the college as evidence of misconduct were published this week.
Adamson says Rekhi, who attended veterinary school in India, came from a jurisdiction where they treated animals “differently,” but has taken responsibility for his actions.
Ontario’s animal welfare organization has launched a criminal investigation into allegations of cruelty against Rekhi in wake of the news reports.
The college has suspended Rekhi for 10 months, which can be reduced to six months if he attends a variety of training programs, and fined him $10,000.
Death threats against abusive vet: lawyer | Animal cruelty | Ontario | News | To
I mean they hold cows as sacred, and if you eat one and most of you do, you are guilty of worse then this guy to them, and of course we use this thing that smashes a cows brain pan, and then we carve the sacred pet animal up, and then we eat them

at least this guy didn't eat any dog

Also, one must consider local strays from neglect, and hunting, fishing, trapping, and tagging.
(many do it just for sport, but... not me.)

Yup, perhaps them that are perfect should throw the first stone, and then here is your plastic cheese bugger with a hook in it...you like the aspartame eh?...first one's free...

Certainly my opinion could be argued with, but unless you are a vegetarian, and only feeding your pets organic pet food ( NOT FROM CHINA!!!), and you never leave your dog tied up in the yard...
I'll do my best to tear you a new one

...and YES, I am an animal lover who only kills them horribly when I am hungry, or when i need a nice jacket boots or gloves. I also cut down tress and skin them alive too, and I boil bacteria alive, when I make my coffee...I trap mice...swat flies...
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Quote: Originally Posted by MHzView Post

Make that 24,001, where do I sign?

Click here (external - login to view) to sign the petition


https://www.change.org/p/college-of-...fb_ref=Default (external - login to view)
St. Catharines vet's suspension over | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun
then the vet cut fifi's balls OFF!!!

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