Am I Going Crazy?Leaf Game Board Adds Air Canada Centre

bill barilko
So I'm watching the Leafs/Detroit game and for the first period there was surprising amount of Chinese ideograms in the adds on the boards and maybe some stylised Korean as well.

Second period I see nothing at all and some of the adds are different-WTF?

I thought they were just painted on.
parallel universe...
I know that some of the MLB ballparks have flip-board ads. At times during the games, the board will flip over to reveal a different ad. Perhaps there is something similar being used in certain arenas as well (since the ACC is used by both the Leafs and Raptors).

Another explanation could be that the ad boards are getting tired of the crappy play of the Leafs of late as well.

As far as Korean symbols being on them, I know that a large part of the Toronto population is Korean. I also think that there might be a special day on the Korean calendar coming up, so that could also be a reason for the ads being displayed with Korean characters.

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