Crashing through the roof with High Kick


As you know, North Koreans suffer from the hardships of life. But lately,one of south korea's sitcoms - "High kick" series (Season 1- Briskly high kick, Season 2- High Kick with crashing through the roof) give them happiness. This sitcom that was popular in South too is now are loved by many North Korean women & teenagers. Although they aren't well-off, They are trying to buy this sitcom's DVD. it's price is almost same with a bag of 1 kg rice in North Korea. According to the news, Most of North Korean students have one or two- sitcom DVD. No matter how hard North Korea try to block the contents made in other countries, eventually they can't stop the change. it is just a matter of time. I think. (external - login to view) >>Refer to this link (English lyrics)
Long live Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il.

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