Smokers in a flap over bird's ashtray nest

Smokers in a flap over bird's ashtray nest | (external - login to view)

PASSERS-by were stunned to watch a bird set up its home in a cigarette bin.

The bird, a great ***, was all in a flap after blue tits were also seen sizing up the bizarre spot at the RSPB's Fairburn Ings nature reserve in Castleford, Yorkshire, UK.

"We'd seen a few birds checking out the ashtray and we did wonder whether they might be considering it for a nest site, Laura Bentley, RSPB Fairburn Ings Visitor Manager told the UKs PA.

"We found moss and nesting material nearby and when we peered through when the bird had left the area it was clear a nest had been built inside.

Smokers have been banned from using the bin until the birds have left.


What an outrage.... it's gotten so bad these days that now birds have more rights then smokers.

Stupid tits
I had a robin once build a nest on top of the propane cylindar of my barbecue.

Waiting for the eggs to hatch before I could use the barbecue was not that big of a deal, but ducking a dive bombing robin when I went into the back yard was pain.

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