Election - Facts, Fiction Spin & BS

This is about the Political leaders taking fact at times, adding some spin to place a lie before the electorate. The play on the emotions and the uninformed Voter.

So A tad of Fact, a Bit of Spinneramma and add some fiction in, leave out time lines or other such things that clutter their message, and Voilà - Electoral Speak - AKA - BS

So feel free to add as they all practice the above, it is in their Blodd. Your money that is.

Liberals drop gloves with attack ad on Harper’s ‘secret’ health agenda - The Globe and Mail

This little tad of the above from Iggy

It is true that the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien cut funding for health care in the 1990s as part of its efforts to eliminate the federal deficit. Once the budget was balanced, the Paul Martin government signed a ten-year accord to increase funding by six per cent a year. The Conservatives, when they came to power, honoured that commitment, and pledge to continue the arrangement, as does Mr. Ignatieff.

Points - The budget was balanced in 97 - The Health Accord was signed in approx 2004 - 7 years difference where the Libs cut health care - Doctors Position, longer wait times and all the rest.

Now recall if you please, that Mr. Dithers as the Economist aptly named him was the man that was throwing money and funds every which way he could. His attitude was there is not a problem that I cannot throw money at.

He had a plan and money for every GD thing that came up.