Here's Your Photo Op Mister Harper

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Correction, all that you could manage.

Correction, all I was willing to waste my time on.


This goes more to your contrary nature than to some sense of justice at the moment.

Really, have any proof of that, or are you now employed by the HRC's and an expert on intent?


There is only one poll that matters. The party runs who it runs.

Nice dodge.


The people who vote for them. Who did you think I meant?

I wasn't sure, hence the question for clarification.


Of course it does. You just can't defend your position and so feel it best to disqualify that rather than suck it up or deal with it.

Give it a rest hack. If you want to live in an imaginary world, where no other politicians set up photo ops with people in ethic garb, feel free. I know better.


Sure they do and there is nothing wrong with going out among the people and taking pictures. Like Ignatieff going to a pow wow and taking with those who are interested and taking picture. But telling supporters to come to a private rally dressed in ethnic garb to show how you are a man of the people while taking select questions from screened attendees isn't the same thing at all.

Nobody told anybody to do anything. That's your spin, so you can keep up the silly game.


Should you go to a Liberal or and NDP stop you can come in and maybe if you get the opportunity ask a question or two, that isn't going to happen with Harper. Just the other day two more were kicked out of one of Harper's rallies.

Yep, and if you go to the threads on those issues, you will see where I think it was wrong, but that doesn't help you shtick does it?


It's not a party for all Canadians, just those who agree and support them.

Like all parties.


That's one reason they are suitable for the government, and have such a difficult time working with the other parties.

ya, and no other party has done anything partisan in the last few years...
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Yup, you are pretty predictable Jack.

So are you, clit. You are the undisputed champion of cheap shots.

So are you, clit. You are the undisputed champion of cheap shots.

Now that's funny.

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