Kim Jung eun, the youngest son of Kim Jung il sent a message to starved North Korean people that he will surely figure out the way to feed his people by the end of this year. Last time, while on his trip to U.K, the chairman of N.Korea supreme people's assembly urged that his people might get starved to death unless no immediate food aid is made and since then he's been working on gathering helps from diplomats and trade officials. Although, N.Korea reserved 1million tons of rice that was aided by the international community and S.Korea for military purposes, it never distributed the food to its people and even demands more rice. Kim family also spent more than 10million dollars for Kim Jung il's birthday party last Feb.16th and sources reported that N.Korean government purchased 94 swiss made luxurious watches for Kim Il sung's birthday(4.15) present. Regardless of N.Korean government's effort to promote and idolize Kim Jung eun(2 as a 'Youth leader', nobody believes that Kim family revitalized N.Korean economy, which was devastated by 60years of nepotistic dictatorship. It's really pathetic that North Korea's 'young youth leader' has no idea what's happening out there and keep boasting for his ambitious 'strong nation plan'.Apparently N.Korea will have to abandon its nuclear and missile development and talk with S.Korea for reconciliation, cooperation, reform and open market in order to feed 2.4 million people.