A suspicion of The Red Squirt on Torpedo


Last year on 26th March, the patrol ship Cheonanham of South Korea was attaked by North Korea's torpedo and sank into the dark ocean. that made 46 young soldiers dead and South Korea have been in sad deeply and furious against North Korea until now. Korea government & Military made the international task force team including about 70 experts to find out the truth of this provocation. Finally, South found the attacker North Korea But the pro-Norhkorean leftist organizations in Korea took sides with North Korea even before the result came out. according to the poll, About 80% of Koreans nominated North Korea as the criminal of the provocation. But A doubt about it is spreading out over the society of Korea. Lately, another doubt came out in Korea, pro-North korean organizations told that the red squirt propagating in the east sea is on the torpedo that was guessed to attack. it is very important thing that can turn over the result of Korea task force team. (Cheonanham sank in the west sea). But Luckily, yesterday it turned out to be an inanimate object. leftists in Korea became not to raise their voice on it. Eventually, the central press in the suspicion "oh my news -Korean press" apologized for it's speculative articles yesterday. I was so sad, why do they have to memorize Cheonanham in the confusion & suspicion..
simply, there is a conspiracy in South korea to cover up the criminal NorthKorea that attacked South Korea last year.

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