Japan, harshly devastated by the massive earthquake on March 11st, is now raising the conflicting issue of Dokdo.

Neglecting the historical facts and the truth, Japan has been claiming that Dokdo belongs to its territory since Shinla dynasty around 500A.D and this has been the major territorial dispute between South Korea and Japan.Against the Japanese governments argument, some conscientious politicians, scholars, and citizens acknowledged that Dokdo is not Japanese territory either directly or indirectly.Japan's claim on Dokdo is apparently wrong as it happened last year August 10th that Japanese Prime minister Naoto Kan said on the day of 100th anniversary of Japanese annexation of Korea, "We apologize to South Korea for colonial rule and attempts to destory its own culture, which critically hurted South Korea people's pride. Some Japanese right wing extremists' organizations and politicians belittle Korean history and neglecting the issues on Dokdo, history textbooks, comfort women.History taught us that there's no future for a country unless it knows its history. Therefore in order for Korea and Japan to become proactive, Japan has to show its sincere attitude for resolving the issues on past and Dokdo dispute