In 2000, when Hyundai company was promoting its business in North Korea in earnest, North Korean leader Kim Jung il confessed to Jung Joo yeong, the former president of Hyundai co. that he'd been very anxious for his people's economic hardship and social volatility, sources disclosed. Kim was quoted as saying he'd been extremely nervous and psychologically suffering from being appointed as the heir apparent for next North Korean leader in October 1980 and taking over his father, Kim il sung's power in 1994. Kim said while it seems that the people of North korea praise him zealously, he clearly knows that no one likes him and he had a dream of being stoned by people for many times. He said the first group of people who throw stone to him are Americans, second one are South Koreans and the third one are North Koreans.Apparently, even Kim himself knows that the unprecedented 3 generations power hereditary plan, "military first policy" and hollow plan of building "strong nation" have completely inflicted North Korea people's freedom and human right and starved hundreds of million people.It raises concern that Kim Jung il's "stone throwing dream" might have started to become real. North Korea should realize that it only can securely succeed power to Kim jung il's youngest son, Kim Jung eun, escape from its dire poverty, food scarcity, and international alienation when it talks sincerely with South Korea and open its door.