American Soldiers Are Waking Up!!

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When exactly is this draft arriving? Seems I heard about this through two terms of GW Bush, and now Obama? Let's nail it down to a decade if we can. Before 2020? After 2020?

The minute conscription becomes law and soldiers are drafted into the US Forces (if I am still alive mind you) I will personally buy every Liberal on this board a beer.

I know, my confidence seems almost arrogant doesn't it?

Do I need a membershio card or will you trust me? Note I am not a fisherman, politician, lawyer or used car salesman.
We have no idea who is in the right in Libya, government bad, rebels maybe be bad, who knows. Why are we there possibly revenge for the bombings to civilian targets. The Libyan government backed. I have no qualms about taking out Omar, just don't tell be it is for humanitarian reasons, it revenge plain and simple. No Fly Zone is to keep the Libyan governments aircraft on the ground, not provide close air support for the rebels.

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