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Why has such disaster afflicted Japan?
The true cause of disasters and afflictions is because of the wrong-doing: people are wrong doers: they wrong each other and wrong themselves --> and God then misguides them and they fall in the idolatry: they worship the sun, the idols and their religious leaders associating them with God Almighty --> so God punishes them.
This is explained in the Quran 31: 41
ظَهَرَ الْفَسَادُ فِي الْبَرِّ وَالْبَحْرِ بِمَا كَسَبَتْ أَيْدِي النَّاسِ لِيُذِيقَهُم بَعْضَ الَّذِي عَمِلُوا لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ
The explanation:
(Corruption has appeared in the land [like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes ...etc] and sea [like floods, tsunamies ...etc],

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What "eanassir" is promoting are so-called religious beliefs, not based on "love," but "fear!"

It is questionable whether "beliefs" predicated on "fear" and the attempts to "hedge one's bets" in the event that some deity may actually exist, has anything to do with religion itself..

The problem with a faith based on protecting oneself from general catastrophes (quakes, tsunamies) is that it can be just as easily replaced with yet another faith based on protecting oneself from specific catastrophes (ie. a gun aimed at your head).

When you plant your faith in shallow soil, it will lean in whatever direction the wind happens to be blowing at the time.

This is not religious faith but just a form of theological "opportunism" - allowing one to be on the "winning" side given the outside possibility that some form of "god" may exist.

True faith is maintaining one's religious beliefs irrespective of which way the wind is blowing and a willingness to endure whatever persecutions to which one may be subjected.