Where is the Source of DDos attack?


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IT industries are progressing more and more. But Cyber terrors that plotted by Al-Qaeda or illegal organizations are also increasing fast. Cyber terrors have appeared regularly since 2000. Last January in 2003, July 7th in 2009 There was a DDos terror. that attacked 51 countries' national organizations and internet companies, Banks by Zombie PCs. this terror prevailed great confusion in many security parts. At that time, a total of 49,888 Zombie PCs were founded in Korea. As the result of investigations by international organizations that chased DDos hackers, it was revealed that China allotted all of IP addresses used for Cyber terrors to North Korea. Many experts of internet network predicates that periodical Cyber terrors will confuse the world economy and security. I think the world should prepare the solutions and think of means to eradicate those cyber terrors.
Are you a North Korean?

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