The Charlie Sheen Train Wreck

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Why are we still interested in this guys personal life and problems?
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VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Charlie Sheen: Duh! Winning! | Radar Online (external - login to view)

Yeah I saw that before.... Jimmy Fallon is a tool and has no real identity of his own.

If anybody wanted to spoof him, they couldn't, because he doesn't have any talent or identity of his own..... they'd have to dress up like him and act like they're acting like someone else.

Which is really pathetic when you think about it. But hey, people loved him on SNL (not like they ever have anything worthwhile watching on there in the first place, and the fan base is easily amused) so they gave him his own show.

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Personally i have trouble believing Charlie Sheen is not just putting on an act. He seems to have just been spoiled by 25 years of uninterrupted success, built on a pretty unimpressive resume, and, at best, mediocre artistic merit.

The sucess of the movie Platoon, Young Guns, etc. the amount of ratings/following and money Two and a Half Men sucked in, would prove otherwise.

Why do you people even care about this scumbag?
Don't mistake 'commenting on' for 'caring about'.
You got me i assumed you guys cared, but i didnt read anyones posts
You guys just don't win television. pfft No mind tools.
Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes from Charlie Sheen, Matt and Oz, lauren, Chris Henchy, dannyjelinek, PatB, Brian Lane, and FOD Team (external - login to view)

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