Caregiver charged with killing disabled boy in Edmonton

EDMONTON Edmonton police have laid a manslaughter charge against a caregiver in connection with the death of a seven-year-old disabled boy in January 2009.

The boy, who received 24-hour care, from parents and trained caregivers, died in his Edmonton home.

Several months after the death, new information came to police and the file was reopened by homicide detectives. That renewed investigation led to charges against the caregiver, who was present in the home at the time of the boy's death.

Renee Marie Boudreau, 31, has been charged with manslaughter, mischief endangering life, failing to provide the necessaries of life and criminal negligence causing death.

Her first court appearance has not yet been scheduled.

OK, so she got a slap on the wrist for aiding in the death of this innocent young boy. What about the quadraplegic man she boiled to death? So he lived 8 days before dying, she still caused the burns he died from! Why isn't she being charged in his death? And to think this woman was studying to be a nurse. Lord help us all if this is the type of person who is going into the medical field today. And I think I speak from experience....I"ve been a nurse for 22 years!

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