Should this woman be habitually locked up?

You can tell them once. If they tell you to take a hike and you don't listen, then you are harassing them.
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That's right, God is the judge. And what do you suppose he's going to say to those people on judgement day who had abortions or provided abortions?

And as for me judging women who have abortions, the fact is that I'm not judging anyone. I know and meet Godless people all the time. They've had abortions, stolen, cursed God etc. I'm not allowed to tell them God loves them? That he wants to forgive them? How do you know that me ministering to them isn't what God wants me to do?

"What other people do is their walk". Practice what you preach and don't concern yourself with a little bit of civil disobedience that an elderly woman feels she must do. Worry about yourself; are you ever going to come out of your life of sin and misery? What does God have planned for you?

Also, you show me proof that Paul was a sexist or racist.

Me and my creator are on a first name basis. I do not sin. Sin is a concept to try to control the morally bankrupt. My life is good and I am surrounded by Love. I don't need to preach to others, to have others believe as I do. Accumulating converts is a sure sign that your beliefs are built on quick sand, that you can only find strength in numbers. The path is narrow, my friend. The path of religion is a super highway to nowhere. There is no strength in numbers and proselytizers are just plain annoying. They have a psychotic need to repeat the same nonsense over and over, ad nauseum, in a vain attempt to believe it. I'm pretty sure, having consulted the source, that JC is thoroughly disgusted with the self righteous who have bastardized his teachings. You realize that JC railed against the self righteous in the temple, don't you. Start reading what he said. Paul created a religion about JC, not one based on his teachings. Your repetitive rantings about your beliefs are nothing more than farting in the wind. I've heard them all my life from the pillars of churches who molested their own children, beat their wives and sought out sex with others of both sexes, sometimes with other species. Fundamentalism is a mask worn by the morally bankrupt and sociopaths. If anybody should be concerned about their soul, it is you and your fellow fundamentalists. When the fundy Christians confront the fundy Muslims, blood will flow in rivers.

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