Gun Toting Americans Shooting Themselves Up Again

I wonder if she is part of Obama's ""**** you were going to take you guns even if it is illegal or not" campaign?
Ocean Breeze
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Shooting someone is undoubtedly a free expression of ideas.

.that seems to be exactly how these gun happy folks believe. I guess guns also make them feel "empowered" --psychologically .

My , but they do LOVE their guns. Very similar to the folks that live in places like the middle east to whom the gun is a critical passage into "manhood". The gun culture is so entrenched now , that not much can be done. After each shooting incident...there is the usual tsk tsk about how tragic these events are .........but not one of the tsk tskers will surrender their weapon to reduce the number of the weapons owned or deal with the outlets that sell them.

The gun is part of the US "emblem". and might as well be accepted as such.

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