Political manoeuvring and Media sell-out.

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Political manoeuvring and Media sell-out.
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On October 13th 1970 Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau was intercepted by reporters in Ottawa in one of the Country’s most famous media confrontations. Bombarded with questions about his decision to put soldiers on the streets of Ottawa Trudeau stopped and engaged CBC reporter Tim Ralfe.

Two things transpired during this exchange.

First, Ralfe did not accept the Prime Minister’s answers in regard to tightened military security. Second, the Prime Minister stood his ground and carried on with the reporter for a solid six minutes.

Here is a sampling of that exchange.

Ralfe: But with your army troops you seem to be combating them almost as though it is a war. And if it is a war is anything they say have validity.

Trudeau: Don’t be silly. Were not combating them as if it is a war, but were using some of the army as peace agents in order that the police will be more free to do their job as policemen and not spend their time guarding your friends against some form of kidnapping.

As the exchange continued the Prime Minister did not falter nor did he use any of the tools that politicians use today to avoid controversy. This exchange was raw and fascinating and best of all, real. When asked how far he would go to quell the unrest in Quebec, Trudeau responded, “Just watch me.”

Thirty years later media and politics have changed significantly. Media is often guilty of creating controversy where it does not exist using political correctness and innuendo to spin stories, while politicians have become the craftsmen of spin.

Rarely will politicians enter into interviews without a preset condition of timings and questions. They now operate with handlers who will shut out members of the media who put them on the spot. Therefore when a member of the Government or Opposition sits down with a reporter and is asked about a sensitive subject they will usually not answer that question, and if the reporter persists? Well let us just say that it is accepted within the ranks of the media that they will not be getting an interview with that politician again. This tactic runs across all party lines and is readily accepted by all media outlets.

Another tactic used by politicians to evade tough interviews is doing their press release at key times that will result in a time lapse. The Ontario Provincial government used this tactic during controversial press releases. The Caledonia Lawsuit settlement was released to the press before a long weekend so that reporters would have to wait three days and the story would lose oxygen.

Conservative MP Julian Fantino has been recently criticized for doing this during his election campaign by not returning reporters calls and failing to show up to debates. Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien went so far as to push reporters out of his way when Ad-scam became a hot story.

Welcome to the new age of political spin-doctoring and media without backbone. If you have watched an interview where a politician should be getting grilled, but the reporter is lobbing softballs you now know why. The politicians are the masters of deception, and the media has become so punch drunk that it is willing to compromise its integrity to be on the “A” list.

Don’t yell at the television or radio, because you’ve been sold out.

Original Article: http://www.canadiancontent.net/commt...out-_1053.html

(Authored by: Retired_Can_Soldier (external - login to view) )
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So true! Everything in manipulated today with the purpose of trying to make us believe them without questioning. Well I am glad their are still some of us who are alert enough to see what is happening.
Back in those days, politicians had the balls to do what they thought was right. Nowadays, everyone worries about polls and spin doctors.

Even Trudeau's detractors would have to admire his 'Just watch me' comment.
Evey thing is scripted today because we don't want to hear bad news that will have a
negative impact on our lives. Like children on the playground that no longer keep score
lest some children not feel like winners, we all want to be told what we want to hear.
If they tell us we are in hawks up to chin in debt and they are going to take steps to
correct it, we become angry. If it turns out the medical, policing, educational or other
costs go higher than budgets allow, we scream, we want the additional service but we
scream. Then there is the raising of taxes to cover our excesses and people go nuts.
If the politicians told you the real truth about the state of our economy or government
institutions we would all be going for depression counselling.
Yes say what you will about Trudeau, he at least told people what he thought right or
wrong and yes they bitched about it. In Canada we have turned bitching into an art form.
This country is not better off than our American neighbour. The currency is not stronger
than the American Dollar or on par. The fact is the real wave of debt and financial
recession hasn't hit us yet, we are only now going to see how much effect is has. The
reason is that even if we were not up to our eyeballs in debt, the American economy will
drag us down because we are an exporting nation, and when the world can't buy we are
in real trouble. The American dollar is falling to inflation and weakness throughout the
world, and our dollar is holding ground when our dollar is worth more than the American
we can't export, because we can't compete, then our problems begin.
If the politicians explained all this in truthful detail, and we found out the gravy train will not
run forever for free we will be so angry we can form our own Tea Party and rid ourselves
of the old guard. Doesn't matter about truth or accuracy it only matters the we can
continue to do whatever we please without consequences.
This was classic Trudeau. Loved it.


Quote: Originally Posted by TenPennyView Post

Back in those days, politicians had the balls to do what they thought was right. Nowadays, everyone worries about polls and spin doctors.

Even Trudeau's detractors would have to admire his 'Just watch me' comment.

It is an example of how very wrong our system has gone. I am not a fan of Pierre Trudeau's policies, but this exchange and the present state of media spurred me to write this opinion piece.
In the "People's Court" of opinion where all are judged it's not surprising to find it's full of lawyers instructing and getting technical about every little thing. Did we want it? Yes we were told that we did. Do as we're told? Hell no we're free! Free to choose. A or B?

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