Britain is set to get its 1,000th TV channel, more than any country except US

Britain is set to get its 1,000th TV channel in the New Year, which means it'll have more TV channels than any other country apart from the US.

Britain, the country which gave the world television, currently has 948 channels, ranging from the Sikh Channel to Body in Balance TV, and Dave to Yesterday. The country also has 54 movie channels, 45 music channels and 45 shopping channels.

A religious channel, called Revelation, is even run by a couple in Surrey and they have "no idea" how many viewers they have.

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom believes the 1,000th channnel will be granted in early 2011.

It wasn't that long ago that the vast majority of Britions had only five channels, and they were the terrestrial ones, BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Even then, Channel 4 wasn't launched until 1982 and Channel 5 until 1997.

Now, there are almost 1,000 to choose from.

Anything on TV? Britain set to license the 1,000th channel in the New Year

By Daily Mail Reporter
26th December 2010

Britain will license its 1,000th television channel in the New Year - more than any other country apart from the U.S.

Figures from the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom, show that 948 stations have permission to air on terrestial, cable, Freeview and Sky services in Britain.

They range from the Sikh Channel and Espanola Internacional to Psychic TV or learning yoga with Body In Balance TV.

On the television remote: Plenty of rival channels to choose from

Ofcom believes the 1,000th will be granted in early 2011.

Mark Lawson, presenter of Radio 4's arts and entertainment show Front Row, told the Sunday Times that figure would have a 'big symbolic significance.'

He added: 'It wasn't really that long ago that we saw the launch of Channel 4 (1982) and then Channel 5 (1997), so the 1,000th licence will be a landmark.

'But the danger, as most people will probably acknowledge, is that the opening up of television was never about quality - it was mainly about quantity.'

The number of home shopping channels has exploded with 45 now available with celebrities appearing on screen to back their brands and pop stars like Charlotte Church and Jamie Callum launching their albums.

Amongst the UK's many TV channels are Yesterday (above), which is a history channel and Dave, "the home of witty banter" (below), is the one of the most popular TV channels, especially amongst young men, with great shows such as Top Gear and Mock the Week

Ofcom has licensed 54 movie channels, including at least two Bollywood stations, 45 music channels which cater for all tastes from hip-hop and classical.

There are religious channels including Revelation which is run by a couple in Surrey. They have 'no idea' how many viewers they have.

The jump in the number of stations has been attributed in part to the low start-up cost with 2,500 to bid for a licence and a 1,000 annual fee.
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