Correction to a closed thread.

'Study' Claiming Fox News Viewers 'Misinformed' Is Fraught With Errors | (external - login to view)
This somehow surprises you YJ?

I pretty much said that in that thread to the poster of the idiotic OP.
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What surprised me that the thread was closed sickening alacrity.

Geez, there are a whole lot of stupid people int that first column:

Cable News Ratings - CNN | Bret Baier | Mediaite (external - login to view)
Yukon Jack: I believe it was in the thread that got closed down before I got to answer your question bout tv news. I almost never watch tv period. What little tv news I get is mostly Global and Achan for local news. Problem being that I go to work before the morning news is on and rarely make it in until after evening news. By the time the late news comes on I am in a much better place. I listen to CBC news from six to around 8 and then switch to a local station since after the news I can no longer stand CBC. The rest of my news sourcing is from the net and MacLeans before bed. Don't have time to see what the extremists on either side are ranting about.

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