Inmate will be executed with animal drug

US inmate John Duty to be executed with animal drug

John David Duty, 58, is set to become the first US inmate to be executed using the sedative pentobarbital.
A shortage of sodium thiopental in the US forced the state make the change.

BBC News - US inmate John Duty to be executed with animal drug (external - login to view)
You know execution, whether justified or not, is a barbaric, violent and nasty practice.

I think sugar-coating it with lethal injection is simply a matter of concern for the public's sensibilities. That idea was reinforced by the claim of some that lethal injection is incredibly painful, that the chemical cocktail simply demobilizes the prisoner, masking his death throes while he endures an agonizing exit.

Strangely enough, the most merciful executions (IMHO) were done in the Evil Empire........where typically, a condemned prisoner would not know the time and or place of his execution, indeed.....he may not even have known he was condemned. A guard would simply fetch him from his cell in Lubyanka as if taking him for some routine or the other, and as the prisoner walked down the stairs ahead of him, the guard would produce a pistol and shoot him down through the top of the head without warning.


If execution is necessary, the firing squad, with immediate coup de grace, is probably as merciful as it gets.
Using Hypoxia to deprive oxygen of a person seems to be the greatest, most humane way of executing a convict.

YouTube - BBC Horizon - How to kill a Human Being pt5 of 5

Seemingly a way to die in a euphoric way
lone wolf
...ya sure wake up feeling like Hell from it....
How the hell are you going to wake up from it? It depletes oxygen to your brain and you die.
lone wolf
Experience talking?

What do you think a high-G blackout is?

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