Ontarions need geography lesson!

life is all about perspective. I currently live in Edmonton, and it's considered 'northern alberta', despite being central. When I lived up in High Level I found it highly aggrevating that Edmonton was referred to as 'northern', given that it was a 10+ hour drive south.
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I have a friend who calls whenever there's a Leafs game on TV here he can't get on satellite on the Mackenzie Highway - if he's not at home "down south" in Grande Prairie
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Fewer and fewer people care about Ontario. I plan on going to the Maritimes in 2012 and will probably drive through the states just to avoid it.

My question would be; why? Not why would you drive through the states, but why would you be going to the maritimes, unless just to visit.

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Personally, if I could avoid Saskatchewan and Manitoba altogether I\d be happy. What a boring drive.

If all you're doing is trying to make time that would be the best route, but, yes it is boring, except in winter.

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JLM...As a former BCer I noticed that everything AB eastward is known as "back east".

Yeah, I made a comment about my brother who lives back east in Ontario, but I was in Sydney NS, I was looked at as if I had six heads, (sorry, that's a newfie expression). How ya's all gettin' on? It works better if you can do the accent. (It's hard to discern a Caper from a Newfie accent).

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