It ill cost 38 million dollars to dredge Sydney Harbor.

What a magnificent show.

That's 3.8% what it cost to host the G8 for a photo op, where nothing was decided nor accomplished. Lord God let us protect the super rich who do not spend back so they can use their money to take over the world.

I miss French Canadians, who do not frequent this forum at all. If not for them we'd still be the parochial backwards dumb-nut people who got kicked into English Canada by virtue of their inability to function anywhere else... except for the UEL.

You super-stupid dumb white Canadians demonstrated your capacity for selecting leadership by selecting Harper, so I'm going somewhere else... as if I was the first Canadian well educated by intent, but had to leave via management.

Have any of you guys read the Canadian Atlas from the turn of the previous century? If you have, what did it say?

Read it.

Aside from that, something else is on my mind...

In 1970 Albertans had it explained that if they let the oil out at a rate exactly equal to the people's need, the not only would they always have the best education and health-care system in the country, that it would also last 300 years (under the Social Credit system).

The capitalistic Lougheed family conned everyone with better advertising and took over the government with promises of a Heritage Trust Fund (which got pissed away) while they themselves used the money to go south and buy the nicest forms of laziness while walking around with their hands in their pockets wondering about the dumbness of the people they lived among, and wishing the world were a better place. I'm not kidding you... that's what Peter Lougheed used to do. Hands in pockets... wondering about the correctness of what he did.

Great. So our kids get to be members of a generation getting to see what happens when dumb, selfish, lazy and evil predecessors get in charge.

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