It ill cost 38 million dollars to dredge Sydney Harbor.

What a magnificent show.

That's 3.8% what it cost to host the G8 for a photo op, where nothing was decided nor accomplished. Lord God let us protect the super rich who do not spend back so they can use their money to take over the world.

I miss French Canadians, who do not frequent this forum at all. If not for them we'd still be the parochial backwards dumb-nut people who got kicked into English Canada by virtue of their inability to function anywhere else... except for the UEL.

You super-stupid dumb white Canadians crapped out a leadership called Harper, so I'm going somewhere else: tunes.digitalock.com/union_sundown.mp3 (external - login to view)

On the other hand, nice of the place to have brought the country back to the perception of what it was about back in the 50's. Makes things much easier for certain economic interests. Yes only dumb people would just say yes, "But we have a Constitution to follow".

Hmm... is the difference between French Canadians and Anglo Canadians that Anglo Canadians can be bought off, while French Canadians know this is their home?
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