A tilt of the head can lure a mate - research

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FORGET diamonds, fine dining and romantic walks in the sunset, all it takes to lure a mate is a tilt of the head, according to new research.By simply tilting their face forward a woman's face can be judged to be more feminine and more attractive, whereas a man's face is considered more attractive when tilted backwards, this latest research has found.

Dr Darren Burke and Dr Danielle Sulikowski are the husband and wife team behind the research, which has been carried out at the University of Newcastle and Macquarie University.

While a lot is known already on the influence of feminine and masculine features on attractiveness, there is a gap in the evolutionary origin of what is considered masculine and feminine about facial features, according to Dr Burke.

"Our research investigated if looking at the face from different perspectives as a result of the height differential between men and women influenced perceived masculinity or femininity," he said.

"The research found the way we angle our faces affects our attractiveness to the opposite sex."

Typically taller than women, men view women's faces from above so a female face was deemed more attractive when tilted forward, simulating this perspective.

The opposite was then true for men whose faces were judged more masculine and attractive when tilted backwards as though they were viewed from below.

Dr Sulikowski said these findings offer some clues to help unravel "the mysteries of mateship rituals" in this century.

"The next step is to determine if people use this effect in real-world mate-attraction scenarios," she said.

The findings are published in the latest edition of Evolutionary Psychology.

Kind of stating the obvious here, I'm not sure why a study was needed.... this is more just common sense.

Females tilting their heads forward helps focus on their eyes in a way to make them look younger, while men tilted backwards helps focus on jaw structure in such a way that it makes their face more structured, fitter....... rather then the opposite where when a guy tilts his head forward, the jaw line is less noticeable to the point of producing a double chin...... while a woman tilting backwards gives the impression of superiority, arrogance, etc.

Generally speaking of course, and in some cases, the above can be the opposite for each gender depending on how it's applied.
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If I tilt my head back, my brains all run to the rear and I fall over........................not good. But, I probably look better in a prone position anyway.
Which head?

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