EU changes its stand on saving bluefin tuna


EU changes its stand on saving bluefin tuna - CTV News


BRUSSELS — France, Spain and other Mediterranean members of the EU have forced the bloc to change its negotiating stance at an international meeting that had been centered on seeking quotas to save the threatened bluefin tuna.

After drawn-out negotiations, the EU said Thursday it will no longer do that based only on scientific advice and will now take the interests of tuna hunting fishermen into account.

Representatives from 48 countries meeting in Paris are preparing to set fishing quotas for the prized Atlantic bluefin, which swims waters from the Gulf of Mexico to the Mediterranean.

Environmentalists are pressing for dramatic cuts to the current annual quota of 13,500 metric tons in the Mediterranean, where they say fraud and overfishing are rampant.

Oh what? The EU doesn't want to look out for the well being of the Tuna and have more interest in the lives of the Tuna Fisherman who would be affected by this plan?

*slaps cheeks in surprise* Say it isn't so!

Maybe Canada should boycott all EU Tuna products like they boycotted all of our Seal products..... same thing after all.

Oh wait, no it's not, because the Seals aren't endangered..... but the Tunas are.

And go figure Spain would be against this plan of reducing Tuna fishing..... they're the ones who came over into our waters to clean out our cod right out from under our noses because they already wiped out their own fish in their waters.

They'll finger point and turn up their noses at us over the seal hunt based on emotional arguments and no solid scientific data..... but when the shoe is on the other foot and they're in the spotlight to reduce or stop their exploitation of an animal species AND they're provided with scientific data proving they're endangered........ suddenly it's a different story.

G'Damn hypocrites.
bill barilko
Note it's Mediterranean Bluefin we are talking about here.

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