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A BRITISH mother has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of her 12-year-old autistic son after making him drink bleach.

Satpal Kaur Singh admitted the charge by reason of diminished responsibility at London's top criminal court, the Old Bailey.

The 44-year-old denied murder - a plea prosecutors accepted after psychiatrists concluded she was suffering from a mental disorder.

The mother, from Barking in east London, feared social services would take her son Ajit away from her. Hours after meeting social workers February 9, Singh made the boy drink a cup of bleach.

While the woman refused to cooperate over Ajit's care, she appeared "calm" at the meeting, and the Old Bailey heard that no one who attended it had "any concerns about her immediate behavior."

But hours later, she called police, saying: "I've just murdered my son, and I've tried to kill myself."

Singh will be sentenced December 13.

I always love these crack pots..... Oh no, they're going to take my child away because I'm a horrible parent, so I'll solve that problem and prove them all wrong by killing my kid.

Brilliant..... would you like to have a straight-jacket to go with that crazy ma'am?

And yet, these fruit & nut bars continually get off with lesser penalties because of "Diminished" responsibility?

That's an interesting excuse from the law considering the literal term of that argument was that their responsibilities were diminished.... when I thought our responsibilities, such as parenting, were a constant.

Unless they meant something like Temporary Insanity or something along those lines, which is still a crap excuse.

I could commit all sorts of crimes against all sorts of people.... I'm generally reasonable and sane most every other day not to commit a crime, but the moment I commit a crime, which is out of the norm for me since I have no criminal record, could be argued that I was temporarily insane at the time...... if it was only temporary during the time of the crime and no longer exists after I'm arrested, how can they prove I wasn't temporarily insane at the time and therefore not responsible?

Obviously social services were on the right track when they were thinking of taking her kid away from her..... too bad they didn't do it sooner.