The moment a palace guardsman saw red with some cheeky Germans

Some German tourists got more than they bargained for when they tried to have their photo taken with an armed St James's Palace guardsman.

Two young German boys went to stand next to the bayonet-carrying Scots guard so that their parents could take a photo.

But this enraged the British soldier so much that he shouted 'Stand clear of the Queen's guardsman!'

The children ran to their parents, clearly upset. Though they musn't be - after all, it wasn't the first time British soldiers with bayonets have scared off Germans.

St James's Palace, in London's Pall Mall, has not had a monarch in residence for 200 years even though it remains the Monarch's official residence.

The castle was once the residence of Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, and is now the residence of the Princess Royal and Princess Alexandra, the Queen's cousin. It is the most senior royal palace in Britain.

For obvious reasons, the armed guards of Britain's royal palaces often don't like it when people get too close to them, and would often warn them not to get too close by stomping their feet.

'STAND CLEAR!' The moment a palace guardsman saw red with some cheeky Germans

By Daily Mail Reporter
5th November 2010
Daily Mail

This is the moment a Scots guardsman lost his rag with some German tourists who wanted to grab a souvenir snap of their visit to London.

Earlier outside St James's Palace the guardsman, wearing full uniform, bearskin and wielding a bayonet, had smiled happily for the tourists and posed for pictures.

Seeing red: The guardsman had appeared to be happy to have his picture taken but then lost his temper

But when two cheeky young German boys ran and stood next to him before turning to their parents with wide grins waiting for the happy moment to be captured, the guardsman exploded.

He yelled: 'Stand clear of the Queen's guardsman!' The terrified youngsters ran to their parents.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said: 'These guards perform a long and arduous job. If people interfere with that job, they have the right to tell them to stand clear.'

Patrolling: Outside St James's Palace a crowd had gathered to watch the guardsman who had appeared happy
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As a matter of courtecy, you should always ask permission before taking anyone's picture. The guardsman could have been more tactful of course by politely requesting that they stay clear, but it was well within his right to do so, especially if they'd never even asked permission first. Add to that that seeing that he is armed with a real weapon, he also has a responsibility not only to protect the palace, but also to protect himself and secure his weapon so as to maintain his capacity to protect the palace and ensure his weapon does not get into the wrong hands. Add to that that he did not know who they were or what their real intentions were, as innocent as they may have appeared. Again, he could have requested them to move away more courteously, but for all I know that may have in fact happened and they'd ignored his warning, or they'd moved in so quickly that he did not have time for niceties. Seeing that his primary responsibility is security, he'd then have no choice but to take a stance that would distance them quickly.
The palace guardsmen are there for public display and tourism. Good Gawd1
Quote: Originally Posted by SpadeView Post

The palace guardsmen are there for public display and tourism. Good Gawd1

In part. And that would explain the uniform. If that is strictly the case though, then they ought not to be carrying real rifles on duty, or even any rifle at all, for obvious safety reasons.

If he's carrying a real loaded rifle, then that tells me that his primary task is security, with tourism being a secondary concern. Again, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them taking their picture with him, but common courtecy would sugest that they first ask, get his permission, and then take the picture with him and the kids together with his full approval and collaboration, and not by startling him by suddenly jumping nto his path while he has a rifle in hand.

Now sure after the incident he could perhaps have explained to htem his reaction, assuming they understood English, and then offer to have his picture taken with them while requesting that they don't approach an armed guard without his permission again, for obvious security reasons. That could have diffused any tension. But as for his initial reaction, if they'd just stormed his personal space, was more than appropriate.
Gunter and Ohrst will have the sit on mama's lap all the way home to Germany before they get over this trauma! I remember being in Calgary once and an old man yelled for me to get off him lawn when all I was going was taking a nice break in a comfortable chair. How rude! I barely got into the beer and peanuts before that miserable old man started harassing me for no good reason.

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