The Hundred Years War Over? Britain and France Pool Militaries!

Britain, France sign military co-operation pact - The Globe and Mail
By the time these two groups get the fine print sorted out they will all be fighting
over it. The 100 years war won't be over a thousand years from now. Mark my
words these people have turned backbiting and bitching into an art form. Oh my
God they must be closet Canadians, I thought we were the only ones who could
continue useless arguments for decades. Seriously, I hope this is the beginning
of a stable Europe and maybe this continent can finally turn the corner and be a
world player once again.
Bar Sinister
Actually this is not really something that has not happened before. Britain and France had a working agreement for dealing with Germany prior to World War I as part of the Entente Cordial, and they had a similar agreement prior to World War II. They have also been NATO partners since 1949. The only difference this time appears to be agreement on a joint strike force and the sharing of naval equipment and nuclear facilities.
You are right bar sinister, but so am I every time these folks get an agreement
they fight over it

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