Woman picked up own head after fall

Thea Maxfield picked up own head after horse fall causes 'hangman's break' | News.com.au (external - login to view)


A FALL from a horse left a woman with such a severely broken neck she was forced to pick up her own head.

Thea Maxfield, who runs a stud farm in Oxfordshire, England, suffered a "hangman's break" a clean break of the upper cervical vertebra when she fell from her dressage horse.

She tried to get out of the animal's way as it galloped around after the fall, but when she tried to pick herself up, the horrified 26-year-old found her head stayed where it was.

Realising she had to move to avoid being stomped on, Ms Maxfield cupped her hands around her own head and lifted it into place to avoid damaging her spinal cord.

"As soon as I came off the horse I knew something was wrong. I went to get up but my head stayed on the floor,'' she told the Daily Express. (external - login to view)

"I couldn't move my neck or my head and I had to literally pick my head up and carry it in my hands."

After managing to stagger to safety, Maxfield, watched by her frightened mother Diane, 66, was taken to hospital.

Doctors initially warned she may be permanently paralysed.

But incredibly after using a revolutionary fixed brace connected to a computer by tiny sensors for three months to help fuse the bones back together, she is now back riding seven months after the accident.

So Riding a Horse is indeed more dangerous then using Ecstasy, lol....

Alcohol "most harmful drug"


Though in regards to the above, that's certainly a damn lucky break..... pun intended.
how did she manage to live??

this has got to be like a 1 in a million chance that she was still alive!
I found my head sitting next to a tree. It was growing a brand new me!
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I found my head sitting next to a tree. It was growing a brand new me!

Ah, the "Darkness of Ash Complex"
A who, what?
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A who, what?

Army of Darkness?

Evil Dead?

You do not know of??

You should watch Evil Dead, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness..... they're cult classics.
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