Canada, Switzerland conclude new air and double taxation agreements

Canada, Switzerland conclude new air and double taxation agreements

11:50, October 24, 2010

Canada and Switzerland have concluded two new bilateral agreements to strengthen their air transportation and promote trade and investment.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the announcement Friday following a meeting with Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation in Bern.

"Canada and Switzerland continue to build our excellent relations," he said. "These two new agreements will increase both commercial and people-to-people links between our countries."

The first one is an agreement on air transportation which modernizes an original agreement signed in 1975 to benefit passengers, airlines, airports and shippers in Canada and Switzerland by allowing more flight options and routings.

The second is an updated Double Taxation Convention, whose amendments to the original 2007 Convention will further facilitate the exchange of tax information, assisting Canada's tax authorities in administering and enforcing national tax laws and preventing international tax evasion. It will also reduce tax barriers to bilateral trade and investment.

The two leaders also discussed bilateral relations, priorities at the Francophonie, the Canadian and Swiss economic situations, and the international economic and financial outlook, including Canada' s priorities for the upcoming G-20 Summit.

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Nope. No new world govt coming into play here. Apparently the think we're all crooks and will cheat them. Well yeah. Who wouldn't?

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