5 foot puma on prowl at Kent leisure complex

The residents of the Kent town of Royal Tunbridge Wells will have to keep their guard - after a PUMA was spotted wandering the town.

Two women spotted the five foot beast roaming near bins at a leisure park.

And staff at the complex have heard terrifying growls coming from the nearby woods.

Expert Neil Arnold said he had received several big cat reports from the area.

Sightings of big cats such as puma are very common throughout Britain.

On Thursday night, on the first episode of this year's series of BBC2's Autumnwatch, a woman emailed the presenters on the live show to say that she had her husband saw what appeared to be a puma whilst walking in the countryside.

Many experts are beyond doubt that such beasts do roam Britain, but are usually likely to try and avoid contact with humans.

5ft puma on prowl at leisure complex

On the prowl ... sightings of big cats are common in the UK

Published: 09 Oct 2010
The Sun
A PUMA is on the prowl... in Royal Tunbridge Wells, locals warned last night.

The five-foot beast was seen roaming near bins by two women at a leisure park in the Kent town.

Staff at the complex, near woods, also reported hearing terrifying growls.

Ashish Patel, manager of Frankie and Benny's restaurant, said: "I was locking up when I heard an almighty noise from behind the restaurant.

"I opened the door and realised it was coming from the woods.

"It sounded like two ferocious animals snarling at each other.

"The woodland is very dark and thick so it was pretty scary. It made me think of a lion.

"I know there have been sightings of big cats in this area before."

One Odeon cinema worker added: "We heard a growling then scraping like claws on a metal blind. We all left at the same time that night - there was no way any of us was going out alone."

Expert Neil Arnold said he had received several big cat reports from the area - including from the two women.
He said: "It was 200 yards in front of them.

"The women said it was enormous, about 4ft to 5ft with a very long tail.

"The animal was a puma, 100 per cent. The tail is what many people talk about - it is 3ft long and curls down and back like an 'S' shape.

"They were spooked, they didn't fancy going any further."

He said the beast would be living off rabbits and pheasants.

This is like Big Foot, lots of people have seen it, but to my knowledge a Puma has never been killed or captured in Great Briton (unless it escaped from a zoo etc.) Puma live off of deer, elk and occasionally people, have to catch a lot of rabbits and peasants to survive. Nice legend though.

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