Pets - Some love em & some hate em

Pets - Some love em & some hate em

Man has had pets for thousands of years. Originally to serve a purpose, protection of herds, hunting, fighting. But as we learned to farm extra food became available and voila - we had pets

Our family has always had pets - Dogs & Cats - When I was posted to Germany, recently divorced my cats came with me.

And funny enough - When I went to view the apartment I was renting, and they were in short supply. The Landlord specified that she had to see my cats as well. They were 2 huge barncats - She loved the cats and I got the apartment.

Yet some people have a hatred for pets - For why - I do not know.

As a friend once told me about his dog who had taken ill and he had to put down. A good friend who gave unconditional love.
That can describe many pet owners and their relationship with pets

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