This crazy idea from Ottawa of targetting smugglers is a joke because they are part of organized crime. How many smugglers and the proceeds of crime have been caught by the RCMP? Zero people and zero bucks. Once landing in Canada these people pay back their debts from the voyage and the money vanishes once it leaves Canada.

Newsflash. Ottawa has no jurisdiction outside Canada. A very easy out.

These sorts of mass arrivals must be banned so the gangs and terrorists that organize them get no money. That means making a harsh decision and turning the newcomers back. they haven't even paid yet!!!

globeandmail.com: PM vetoes proposal on 'mass arrivals'

PM vetoes proposal on 'mass arrivals'

Turns focus from migrant detention to human smugglers

September 22, 2010

OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rejected a proposal to subject refugee claimants arriving off Canada's shores by ship to detention, ordering ministers and officials to target the ringleaders of human smuggling instead.

As the government struggles to craft a response to the arrival of two boatloads of Tamils over the past year, responsibility for the file has been placed firmly in the hands of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews rather than Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, even though changing refugee policy would ordinarily be in Mr. Kenney's court. The move indicates the problem is seen now as a criminal matter rather than an immigration issue.

A proposal to create a new category of "mass arrival" refugee claimants who could be held in detention for two weeks while authorities investigated their backgrounds is off the table after Mr. Harper vetoed it at cabinet on Tuesday, government sources said.
He told them to focus more on stopping the people who bring the migrants here.