Commonwealth Games In Trouble

The CW Games are part of a package deal with the monarchy. Time to ditch them both. The Halifax bid for the CW games in 2014, estimated to cost $1-2 billion. The monarchy is cheap? Not.

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Commonwealth Games in trouble

By ALTHIA RAJ (external - login to view), QMI Agency

Last Updated: September 21, 2010 4:42pm

OTTAWA -- The upcoming Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, could be in jeopardy after international delegations expressed "shock" at the conditions of the athletes' village.

"We are deeply concerned that the condition of the residence facilities is not at all what we expected, nor anything like what was promised," Scott Stevenson, Commonwealth Games Canada's director of sport, said in a statement Tuesday.

"Beyond the major cleanup required, there are other issues with plumbing, wiring, furnishings, Internet access, and mobile telephone coverage," he said. "We recognize that the monsoon rains have made things more difficult for workers here. But the current conditions are unacceptable."

Stevenson, who arrived in New Delhi ahead of the Oct. 3 competition, said the Canadian association requested the Commonwealth Games Federation and the organizing committee get the issues resolved before athletes begin to arrive on Friday.

International associations are voicing growing concerns over the filthy state of the village as well as physical security after two foreign tourists were killed, an outbreak of dengue fever cases continues to mount and the safety of venue buildings is under question.

Tuesday, a footbridge collapsed outside the main stadium injuring 27 workers.
Australian world champion discus thrower Dani Samuels became one of the first athletes to withdraw from the games Tuesday, concerned about her health and safety.

Commonwealth Games Federation president Michael Fennell said many nations had "made it abundantly clear that the Commonwealth Games Village is seriously compromised."

Scotland's Commonwealth Games association said the Federation should give itself a deadline to decide when it might pull the plug on the games "should the village issues not be resolved."

"We will not compromise on issues of health, safety and security," Scotland's association said in a press release.

NDP MP Glenn Thibeault said the Canadian government should have the guts to pull its athletes out of the games if concerns are not addressed.

"It doesn't do us any good if we send our athletes over there and we lose a bunch of them due to failing infrastructure," he said.

Canada's Sports Minister Gary Lunn called the concerns "very serious and very real."
"Hopefully, this will be rectified in the coming days and our athletes will have an amazing game," he said.

The Federation has asked the Indian cabinet secretary to immediately deploy the necessary resources to fix all the outstanding issues.

In 2003, Delhi beat out Hamilton, Ont., to host the 2010 Games. Delhi won the vote 46 to 22 out of a possible 72 votes.

Lunn said Canada had an "international reputation for hosting games (that) is nothing short of outstanding."
Bar Sinister
It appears that the athletes are pulling themselves out of the games due to what they consider the substandard conditions. It is a bit of a shame really as hosting the games puts India's international image on the line. Perhaps this will spur the Indian government to correct some obvious problems.

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