CBC News - World - Hurricane Earl grows to Category 3


Hurricane Earl strengthened into a Category 3 storm in the Caribbean on Monday, with maximum sustained winds of 195 km/h, causing warnings to be issued for the Puerto Rican islands of Culebra and Vieques.

Earl has been lashing the northeastern Caribbean with heavy rain and strong winds, causing flooding in low-lying parts of the Leeward Islands.

The storm's forecast track would run north of the Caribbean, then bend to the north, roughly parallel to the U.S. East Coast. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said it is too early to say what effect Earl would have on the U.S.

The hurricane is located about 150 kilometres east-northeast of St. Thomas and is moving west-northwest at about 24 km/h, forecasters said.

Meanwhile, the Category 1 Hurricane Danielle was weakening, but maintaining hurricane status in the open Atlantic.

Maximum sustained winds were hovering around 120 km/h with higher gusts, forecasters say.

"Some weakening is forecast during the next 48 hours and the system is expected to lose its tropical characteristics later today," forecasters at the hurricane centre said Monday.

Hurricane EARL

Can't say I'm all that concerned.

Sure Juan was a bit intimidating and caused a lot of problems, but in my 30 years of living here, that was the only one I remember hitting the Maritimes that was an issue.

But besides a few trees coming down and knocking out power for a couple of days (a couple of weeks for some) it really wasn't that big of a deal...... I even ventured outside during the peak of it, walked down to the Bedford Highway, climbed over a bunch of tree branches, got soaked, but it's a hurricane, that's what they do. I do specifically remember during the hurricane the guy on the radio said it at one time did sustain Cat3 winds, but then the next day, the official report stated it only made Cat1.....

I've been in Cat1 storms before..... that wasn't no damn Cat1 no matter what they say.

However, while it was the strongest one I experienced, it's not like it flattened homes or scooped up children and tossed them into the sea.

Now they're claiming this one could be worse, since the water temperatures are warmer then when Juan hit..... that could be true, and if it comes, I'll be ready, but the thing that's pissing me off are the people on the CBC news page commenting about CO2's this and Global Warming that.

It's Hurricane Season you fricking morons, this happens yearly.

Most of these people don't even seem to understand how hurricanes work. They argue that Global Warming means hurricanes are going to get worse and worse, year after year..... which is friggin impossible, since they are fueled by the warmth in the water and when they are gone, that same water has cooled.

Since Juan, we haven't had a serious hurricane, but only a couple of meager tropical storms. I wouldn't even call them Tropical Storms..... more like a lot of rain and no wind.... that was it.

The summers leading up to Juan were brutally hot and humid, to the point where air conditioners and fans were sold out in most of the province when I went to get one...... after Juan struck, we had White Juan (Bad *** snow storm) which we also had a pretty damn cold winter at the same time...... followed by the pitiful tropical storms for the last couple of seasons.

Back when this past winter was winding down, I knew this past winter wasn't too cold and I predicted this was going to be an active hurricane season....... which we'll soon see if that is true...... but then of course the weather specialist came along and made the same claims a couple of months ago..... something I knew from experience of living here for 30 years before they knew.

We'll have a couple of nasty hurricanes..... but then after it's all said and done, check back this time next year and tell me if the waters are warmer then this year and the hurricanes are even worse?

My bet is they won't be, the waters will be cooler, and in fact, this winter coming is going to be brutally cold..... and it will take a couple more summers before the hurricanes come back the way they will be this season.

Anyways, I getting my groceries, I'm grabbing an extra propane tank and we'll hunker down and enjoy the show, but I'm not concerned..... my wife hasn't experienced a Hurricane before and both of us were disappointed last season..... hopefully this will be worth the wait.