Badly wounded veterans shortchanged, report reveals

Badly wounded veterans shortchanged, report reveals - CTV News

"OTTAWA — Ordinary soldiers wounded in the line of duty, veterans with families and the most severely disabled of troops are the biggest losers under Ottawa's new system of compensating those who've laid down their lives for the country, says an independent analysis. . . . . "

" . . . The Disability Award payable under the (New Veterans Charter) does not appear to be sufficient to compensate for these differences in the majority of cases," said the exhaustive study.

Critics have long argued that the lump sum payout was too cheap and point to Britain where injured soldiers are offered tax-free payments equivalent to $929,000.

Veterans Affairs has argued that wounded soldiers receive other stipends in addition to the lump-sum payment, including earnings loss protection and income support. The Aon study factored in those additional benefits and the numbers still came out the same.

That's because, unlike the previous system, most of the new benefits are subject to income tax.

Soldiers permanently disabled in Afghanistan, by a roadside bomb as an example, must pay tax on their permanent impairment allowance, while the old system of exceptional incapacity allowance was tax-free.

The taxation erosion of benefits gets even worse when you factor in where the soldier lives. Those in highly taxed provinces, such as those on the East Coast, get slammed even harder, according to the analysis.

Female soldiers, since they have a tendency to live longer than men, are also hurt by the new system. . . . "

Badly wounded veterans shortchanged, report reveals - CTV News
What do they get for having their mind blown?
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What do they get for having their mind blown?

A mental happy ending?
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It seems to me this ties right in with the thread we had going about politicians saying it's better for the gov. if soldiers don't survive their injuries. It's unfortunate to see a government that so consistently screws over the people injured in getting it to where it needs to be, and it seems like it quite consistently does that whether it's injured workers or injured soldiers.
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Canada has mistreated it veterans for many, many years. Compared to the US, Canada provides very little for its veterans.

In the USA, veterans are compensated for any disability that they sustained while in the service. As an example, I am rated as 50% Service Connected Disabled, and I receive a check every month (tax free) from the government for compensation for that disability.

I also receive totally free medical care for any medical condition (including prescription medications, assistive devices if needed (such as wheelchairs, hand controls for an automobile, modifications to my home is needed), etc. All disabled veterans are eligible for such care and compensation, as long as they were discharged under honorable conditions.

The United States began doing this formally in the early 1930's, for 1st World War veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Administration or VA for short) is a Cabinet level department of the Government. It operates VA Hospitals and clinics in every state (more than one in most states), and will provide what is called "fee basis" care (using contracted local physicians/hospitals/clinics) where no VA care is available.

ALL honorably discharged veterans are eligible for some level of health care, if needed. Wartime veterans are also eligible for GI Bill benefits, including education, lower cost home loans, etc.

The concept is simple. These men and women agreed to put their lives on the line to preserve. protect and defend their country. As a result, their country owes them care for life, if they sustained significant injury or disease with lasting consequences while serving their country. It also owes them for the delay in obtaining higher education or technical training while they were in service.

Widows of persons killed in the line of duty, and their children are also eligible for a number of benefits, including education and monthly monetary benefits until the children become adults. Widows may receive pensions for life.

Or, as Abraham Lincoln put it during the American Civil War, the government has an obligation to "Care for the veteran, his widow and his orphan".

Isn't it about time Canada provided similar benefits to those that fought, and/or died for Canada? It's about time for the people of Canada to demand that Parliament implement similar programs for Canadian veterans.

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