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A MAN has been charged with breach of peace for allegedly saying he understood the mindset of the gunman who massacred eight of his colleagues earlier this week.

Police in New Haven, Connecticut, were called to Fusco Management Company after receiving complaints about Francis Laskowski, 58, The Hartford Courant reported.

Workers at the distributor were mouring the loss of their colleagues, who were killed when Omar Thornton, 34, went on a shooting spree on Tuesday.

In a phone call to the emrgency services Thornton said he had committed the murders because Hartford Distributors was “a racist place”.

"They’re treating me bad over here. They’re treating all other black employees bad over here too,” he said.

Police believe he took his own life after he hung up on them.

Company officials have denied Thornton's claims of racism, saying he never filed any discrimination complaints.

While I can see the man's comments as being inappropriate based on how soon after the incident he made those comments..... charging him for speaking his mind?

So much for freedom of speech.

Based on the report, he said he understood why he did it.... he didn't say he approved. What if a psychologist openly said he "Understood?"..... would they charge him?

Naw.... it'd be his professional opinion.