Garage Sale - 200 Million find

Garage sale negatives verified as $200M Ansel Adams trove -

How’s this for art appreciation: A Fresno, Calif., man who spent $45 on two boxes of negatives at a garage sale 10 years ago has had them authenticated as lost works of the iconic American photographer Ansel Adams worth an estimated $200 million (all figures U.S. dollars
lone wolf
Nice score!
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Nice score!

I remember reading this one about a guy - many decades ago - that bought what was thought to be a small prism - It was a diamond - worth at the time 1 Mil -
He paid 10$ for it.
Cool. Adams was great. We have a print of a moon over some hills and another of a lone tree on a hill. I love B&Ws.

Oh yeah, the money part. A friend spotted a ad in a local rag in Penticton one time. It said 1957 Chevrolet sports car for sale, $3500 along with some other items.
This lady's kid died and it was his car. She had no use for it and it was propped up on blocks in her garage. She got older and decided to sell the house and move to something easier to handle. And she didn't want the car so decided to sell it. Our friend split the diff between what she wanted and what it was worth. He still has it and it's in mint condition. Less than 50,000 miles on it last I heard. He also has a yellow and black 1970something convertible Hemi-Cuda.

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