On June 24th Judicial-Inc Was Shut Down Again (external - login to view)

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90% of Judicial-Inc is merely current news links, and the other 10% is commentary on world events. Judicial's number of 'host-suspensions' may set a record for the most banned website on the internet. So you need to ask - why? Obviously the simple answer is some of the analysis is hitting too close to home. There are probably twenty other websites with the same format, and none of them have been touched.
I have to suspect there will be a major event such as a nuke in an American city, followed by an attack on Iran, and this is followed by an economic implosion.

Webmaster's Commentary:

In the days before 9-11, the FBI went around the United States shutting down all the websites of various Muslim charities and news organizations (external - login to view); the websites most likely to ask questions about why the media was blaming Muslims for the attack when Mossad agents were arrested on that day after being seen clapping and cheering as the towers fell. (external - login to view) Coincident with Joe Lieberman's push for total internet censorship, we are seeing attacks on patriot websites and patriots themselves.
This is consistent with the theory that Israel and the US are preparing a new 9-11 to "sell" the war with Iran, and are trying to take down as many of the patriot sites as they can without attracting attention.
Well, too bad, because we can see what they are trying to do.
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