Towns causong deaths

For asbestos-ravaged town, questions persist
LIBBY, Mont. Gala Benefield and Eva Thompson are sisters who have grown used to death. For two decades, they have watched Aspetos from a nearby vermiculite mine strangle their parents, Thomson's husband, an aunt, several in-laws and numerous neighbors and friends.
So as they wandered the Libby cemetery on a blustery Montana morning, they worked the graves like a block party retelling old stories and commiserating with the dead.
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Why keep perpetuating the problem (yes those now living in Libby maybe suffering asbestos related diseases already), but there is no need for others to destroy their lungs just to visit Libby, Montana. I say the goverment should close the town. If a resident wants to stay, let them. Do not allow any new people to live or visit over night there. Remove all children and relocate them, with their families if possible.
Bar Sinister
Ugly story. But profits always matter more than people, right?

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