Supreme Court Justices Reveal Profound Ignorance About Text Messaging and Email

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It's basically a web service that interfaces with the SMSC, instead of your phone sending the SMS, you submit it via HTML/Server Side Code form which passes the message off to the SMSC which in turn sends it to your daughters phone. That's the simple explanation anyways, from what I understand.

It would have to do that. I know you can do it directly from the Telus website too.

Send a message*|* TELUS Mobility (external - login to view)

On an incredible note.
A couple of years ago I sent a fax for my brother-in-law. The next day I gave him back his documents and he asked me why I hadn't sent his fax. Now that is behind the times.
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Indeed. But doctors don't have to rule on matters they know nothing about, Supreme Court Justices have to rule on every subject under the sun. It is incumbent upon them to acquire at least elementary knowledge about the subject they are considering.

Or have experts around to inform them. I don't know about you, but I would hardly expect lawyers and judges to be able to remember every little detail about all those "every subject under the sun" things.


And again, if they don't know much about obscure, technical matters, nobody thinks anything of it. But if they don't know basic stuff about E Mail and texting, they may very well become the laughing stock.

And then people with a little sense realize that lawyers are not all technological wizards.
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As I understand it, there are two major differences. Texting is a short message (the size limit is rather small), E Mail has no limit (or has a rather large size limit, more than what most of us would use). Originally, texting was just that, a short text message. But these days it can include sound and video as well.

The other big difference is that texting is confined to portable devices such as cell phones, Blackberries etc. E Mail can be sent to computers as well as mobile devices.

Main Entry: textingPart of Speech: nDefinition: the sending of text messages via cell phones or other mobile devicesExample: I can't figure out all these texting codes.Usage: also texting (external - login to view), (adj.)

  /ˈiˌmeɪl/ Show Spelled[ee-meyl] Show IPA
–noun1.a system for sending messages from one individual to another via telecommunications links between computers or terminals.

2.a message sent by e-mail: Send me an e-mail on the idea.

–verb (used with object) send a message to by e-mail.

I found the biggest difference is the language. Because texting is limited to character numbers, people use shortcuts like r for are, u for you, l8r for later, ur for you're, etc. Emails are not that choosy about message length.
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Why would anyone know this sort of stuff unless you worked in the industry? I wouldn't expect a kid to understand it anymore then a judge would.

Exactly. Most kids wouldn't even be interested.
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I spent a good hour looking stuff up on line, after asking my 17 year old if he knew the difference, he didn't, and I couldn't find anything that in depth online, lol.

All I know is, I can communicate with him on his computer from my cell and visa versa.

Now, I wonder if the Supreme Court Justices know how to hang a treestand or hunt for Deer or even clean and hang it. So I guess they shouldn't be ruling on Native hunting rights either? Well according to the OP, they shouldn't...


Bingo! Which is why the assertions in the OP are supercilious, if not outright absurd.

But, considering the source ... lmao
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Somehow I don't see why a judge would have to know the intricacies of the internet or be computer literate to judge a case involving text messages..
whether it is a privacy case or freedom of speech case, the media,oral, print or text, should not make a difference.....
A judge wouldn't need to be a mechanical engineer to judge a Toyota case for example....
Interesting post and I agree.....reluctantly

There should be an age limit

A judge doesn't need to be a mechanical engineer to judge a toyota case, but they should be reasonably informed about what an accelerator is, and how it's supposed to function, and how that fits within the law regarding obligations to report hazards to customers, partners, etc.

Considering that judges routinely argue about what does free speech cover, is expression if non-verbal still protected, does flag burning count as free speech, etc. I think it's important that they grasp what different forms of communication are (the judge's actual comment was about the difference between an email and a pager.) One being a communication, the other being a medium for communication.

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