Vatican claims 'anti-Catholic' campaign

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THE Vatican is ratcheting up its counterattack against accusations that Pope Benedict XVI helped cover up the actions of pedophile priests to save the church's reputation.

Senior cardinals in Rome are decrying what they depict as an anti-Catholic "hate" campaign that they say is related to the fact that Benedict is leading church opposition to same-sex marriage.

Vatican Radio overnight quoted Italian Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, a Holy See official, as saying the church must pardon its attackers for what he called "hatred against the Catholic church".

Spanish Cardinal Julian Herranz, who heads a Vatican disciplinary commission, says the Pope is being attacked because of his stands against abortion and same-sex marriage. Herranz is quoted as saying powerful lobbies want to impose a different agenda.

Nice way to try and detract from the real issues.

Oh yeah, everybody is attacking the Roman Catholic church because of their position on Same Sex Marriages and Abortions......

.... no.... it has nothing to do with CHILD MOLESTATION! they're all just using the child molestation issue as a smoke screen towards their hatred towards their stances on abortion and same sex marriage.

That makes a ton of sense

People already had hatred towards the church because of their already existing stances on Same Sex Marriage and Abortions, that's nothing new.... they're angry at the Pope because he was in charge at the time of the latest accusation of child molestation cover up in Germany and he would have had to known something occurred, either that or he's completely incompetent.

People are angry at the continual hypocrisy shown by the church and its leaders.

It's no different from this:
Sexual abuse scandal in Antigonish diocese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (external - login to view)

Bishop Lahey was one of the main people of the church to work on a settlement for those who suffered abuse in the Antigonish area and not long after this wonderful deal was made with the abused in the community, police find his own computers filled with child porn and was charged with possession and importation of child pornography.

To say the least, many in the community, especially those who were abused, were not impressed to hear the person who helped them get a settlement from the church, was in fact just as evil as those they were fighting.

And of course we have the Pope publically condemning those who molested and abused children in their communities, told them they have to fight this "evil" and acting like he actually gives a damn, when in reality, he's got some hefty evidence against him towards his involvement in the same things he was preaching against.

So exactly how does one expect anybody to trust such an organization, let alone like them?

I'm Speaking as a Former Roman Catholic and someone who had a priest in his church growing up who was later found guilty of child molestation while at another church.
The roman catholic church as to go. This bs cannot be condoned.

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