Workmen's blunder after they mix up letters on road marking to spell 'Keer Cleap'

This cannot be a good advert for Britain's education system.

Council officials have been left red-faced after writing "Keer Cleap" instead of "Keep Clear" on a road.

Officials from Hertfordshire Highways had to correct the mistake after it was first spotted in Royston, Hertfordshire, by plumber Paul Brett - despite him being dyslexsic.

Workmen's blunder after they mix up letters on road marking to spell 'Keer Cleap'

By Daily Mail Reporter
01st April 2010
Daily Mail

Council workmen have been left red-faced after mixing up their letters on a 'Keep Clear' road marking by spelling it 'Keer Cleap'.

Embarrassed officials from Hertfordshire Highways were forced to switch the 'P'and 'R' around after residents on Garden Walk in Royston spotted the blunder.

Plumber Paul Brett, 39, was the first to notice the mistake - despite the fact he is dyslexic and struggles with spelling.

Hertfordshire County Council have apologised for the 'Keer Cleap' road marking after residents spotted the blunder

He said: 'It's quite amusing because I suffer from dyslexia and spotted it before my wife Denise did.'

Mother-of-two Denise, 37, an administrator, said the 2ft high and 5ft wide road markings directly outside their house had kept the whole family entertained.

She said: 'They must have been quite embarrassed by the whole thing.

'My husband, who is not the greatest speller, noticed the mistake yesterday and we are still chuckling about it.

'Perhaps Hertfordshire Highways should employ some road workers that can actually spell.'

Plumber Paul Brett was the first to notice the spelling mistake - despite being dyslexic. The sign has now been corrected by embarrassed officials

A spokesman for Hertfordshire Highways said the mistake was rectified 24 hours after it came to their attention and apologised for the 'unfortunate error'.

He said: 'This is clearly an error for which we can only apologise.

'We do not know how this happened, but this has been a particularly busy period for Hertfordshire Highways and, unfortunately, this kind of thing can happen very occasionally.'
That the Eueen's Qnglish?
lone wolf
It's the passin' 'em on, I tell's ya.... Passin' 'em on....

Why, when I wuz a tyke, they failt us....

...put us a whole year behind then, they did,

and try as you might to catch up?

Well, some of em give up and get a big paying job at the motors. They've unions! You don't have to think....

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