Molson Canadian 4D

Molson Canadian Unveils World's First 4D Beer

It's like 3D beer, only better...

The beer will be formally launched into the Canadian market at a special Canada Day celebration in Ottawa later this summer.

Leveraging the power of the fourth dimension, known in science and math circles as time, is what makes Molson Canadian 4D revolutionary. Developed in a top secret brewing bunker located underneath its Toronto brewery, Molson brewers spent months alongside acclaimed astrophysicists and mathematicians from around the world to break through the 3D barrier and develop proprietary technology that enables the beer to anticipate your drinking need. Further to that, once stored in your fridge, the beer's sensors can anticipate you reaching for it, signaling almost magically for it to open itself and be there waiting for you to drink.

Wow! I'm thristy allready. If I pour the beer into my eyes would I still need those glasses.
There's a great review in the latest Sound & Vision magazine, on a '4D' blue ray player. You input your IQ, and it will either repeat parts of the movie, so you can understand it, or skip it, so it doesn't insult you. Some movies it won't play at all.
I wonder if they developed a way to make it taste decent yet...

I'll stick to my Big Rock Traditional Ale!
Molson, in best day could not produce a beer anywhere near as good as "La Fin Du Mond" by Unibroue of Quebec, the BEST beer produced in Canada.

The ONLY reason why Quebec should not separate from Canada.

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