Canada Post wants to truck mail to Vancouver

A Canada Post proposal to truck mail from Victoria to Vancouver for sorting and then bring it back here for delivery will lead to job losses and service delays on Vancouver Island, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers warned yesterday.
Union spokesman John Bail urged the public and elected representatives to speak out against the "convoluted" plan.
"If the people on Vancouver Island don't protest, we won't be able to stop them," Bail said, following a meeting in Ottawa with Victoria MP Denise Savoie. "It's only the public, who depend on Canada Post, that can stop Canada Post from cutting service."
Canada Post declined interviews yesterday, but issued a statement acknowledging that it's considering trucking letters and ad mail to its processing plant in Vancouver as a way to consolidate operations. The company is spending $2 billion to modernize across the country and become more self-sufficient as e-mail eats away at its traditional letter-delivery business.
The corporation denied that moving mail-sorting operations to Vancouver will lead to reduced service in Victoria and on the Island.
"This change will allow us to sort the mail faster and maintain our local delivery standards," the statement said.
That is only part of the article but it's enough. Could Canada Post get any slower? They want the public to protest this saying that doing this trucking of the mail on Vanc. Is is only the beginning. We all know that if we want something sent fast, we pay big bucks for it so it goes by air so I gather it's always been going by air and the extra charges were just a farce anyway. I'm sure that most of you - if not all, are like me, if it can be emailed, why waste time and postage money? I won't be fighting their fight for them.
Gawd. And CP wonders why it's losing business.
"Oh here's a letter that says 'urgent', well we better show it to the boss. And then he'll want to make us send it the safest route possible which is over to Toronto, who will send it back to Vancouver, who will send it to Kamloops, who will send it to Kelowna, ..... and it will travel only on days where the weather is good.""
CUPW deserves what they get.

The boycott of Israel and discrimination against their Jewish members but at the same time they want to be treated fairly.

CUPW you can't have it both ways and the public really doesn’t care about you.

Canada Post will do what Canada Post wants and if it means saving money in labour costs and fewer processing plants costs, they will.

We have to remember that Canada is in a deficit mode over fifty billion dollars so decisions have to be made and this is one of them.

Taxpayers can't afford to pay more taxes for convenience so the president of CUPW should be fighting for the workers in Victoria are transferred to Vancouver that's if he really cares about the workers.

When the good times roll in then they will expand again.

If CUPW really cared about their post office they should reconsider faxing and e-mailing important information to their locals and send it by mail.

When CUPW feels that using the mail is not important then how is the public supposed to take that?

But then again if the people in CUPW understood that concept they would be bosses in Canada Post.
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I hope Canada Post dies a well-deserved and long overdue death. And that the emplyees (i.e. union thugs) who held their country hostage so many times will find jobs only at minimum wage to make up for the legalized robbery they committed by picking up their pay cheques as PO and CUPW employees.
I've never figured out why ....

National Postal Services held up geting into the internet - setting up their own websites with membership to send letters etc.

I know - all the arguments start coming to me now - but it's too late and people have found their own way to communicate.

Why are government people stuck in the sand or cement? Weren't there any far-sighted people who could have latched onto cybermail years and years ago???

Was it the union keeping the change out maybe?
Mail is being used less and less every day. They need to cut costs so they stay in the black. Of course the union can't figure that out.

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