Instant Runoff Votes For Top Two Canadidates

For provincial and federal elections, a way to ensure majority votes is instant runoff votes, about two weeks after the election. It is being done in the UK, US, Ireland right now to get majority votes and should be adopted in Canada too.

It does not overhaul the voting system, like some people tried to do in BC a few years back and was rejectedas too complex.

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Who Uses IRV?

In Use Internationally:
  • Australia (House of Representatives and state/territory lower houses)
  • Ireland (President)
  • United Kingdom (elections for mayor in London and other cities)
  • Fiji
  • Papua New Guinea
  • New Zealand (elections for mayor in Wellington and other cities) is a project of FairVote Action.
Bar Sinister
You missed France in your list. And yes, it does work better than plurality voting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bar SinisterView Post

You missed France in your list. And yes, it does work better than plurality voting.

It seems a good way to ensure that parties get a majority of the vote. It seems more legitimate to me. When parties can get less than 40% of the vote and form majority govts, and get 65% of the seats, something is wrong here

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