Dog is hit by bus, gets stuck under wheels, but emerges unscathed

Chloe the hapless Dalmatian was taking her daily stroll along the busy streets of a metropolis with her owner when she saw another dog across the road.

Wanting to meet the dog, she slipped her leash and started running across the road. To her owner's horror, she was then hit by a double decker bus.

But amazing photos show the dog stuck under the bus's front wheels - unscathed.

The incident happened in Swiss Cottage, north London.

A spot of bother: Dalmatian is hit by a bus, then gets stuck under its front wheels... but emerges unscathed

By Daily Mail Reporter
11th March 2010
Daily Mail

When Chloe the Dalmatian got hit by a double-decker bus running across a busy road to see another dog, her owner feared the worst.

But Brian Levy was amazed to discover she had survived the impact but was stuck under the vehicle's front wheels.

The 70-year-old's amazement turned to incredulity when firemen eventually lifted the 7.5 ton bus to free his pet - and she emerged completely unscathed.

Mr Levy said: 'It's a miracle.'

Trapped: Chloe is comforted by a firefighter after becoming wedged under the bus's front axle

The drama began as he took four-year-old Chloe for her daily walk near his home in Swiss Cottage, north London.

When Mr Levy wasn't looking she slipped her leash and dashed across the road after spotting another dog.

To his horror, Chloe was hit by the No.31 First bus as she ran back across the road.

Firefighters were on the scene in a matter of minutes. They used a hydraulic jack to lift the bus and dragged Chloe to safety.

Mr Levy said: ‘Chloe's had a check-up at the vet’s and it’s amazing - she is in shock but doesn’t have any injuries at all.

Rescue mission: Firefighters position a heavy jack under the front of the bus as they prepare to free Chloe

‘She was trapped under the front axle, between the two front wheels.’

He added: ‘They lifted the side of the bus up with hydraulics and tilted the bus over until one fireman could get under and bring her out.

‘Chloe’s very shaken, very shocked, but it’s a miracle that she doesn’t have any broken bones.

‘She was literally trapped and how she didn’t get killed or break any bones is amazing.

‘She’s a lively, very fit dog and quite tough so that probably helped.’

Miracle escape: Chloe says hello to her very relieved owner, Brian Levy, after being freed yesterday
I wonder if she saw the image of Jesus under the bus somewhere.
I think Blackleaf has mistaken us for those who care!
lone wolf
Spot is one lucky puppy!
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I think Blackleaf has mistaken us for those who care!

someone gave him a greenie today so, he has a fan here or there
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Spot is one lucky puppy!

Bar Sinister
A dalmatian under a bus? It's a good thing someone "spotted" her.

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