A drug suspect thought he would leap from a window when the cops came.

But after doing so, he landed straight into the arms of a couple of cops.

But he still managed to wriggle free and make a dash for freedom until he was eventually wrestled to the ground.

The incident happened on Tuesday in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and the cops discovered 500 cannabis plants.

Pictured: The dramatic moment a suspect leapt from a window... straight into the arms of police

By Daily Mail Reporter
04th March 2010

This is the moment a suspected drug farmer leapt from the kitchen window of a house being raided by police - straight into the arms of waiting officers.

But despite the police being in exactly the right place at the right time during the raid at 9.30am on Tuesday, the suspect still managed to wriggle away from them and make a dash for freedom.

The escape attempt came as police raided the four-bedroom detached house in Basingstoke, Hampshire, where 500 cannabis plants were discovered.

Ready and waiting: Police are in place to catch the man as he jumps through a window...

... but can't keep him in their grasp as he lands and makes his dash for freedom

After running across the garden and scaling a fence the suspect was wrestled to the ground about 500 yards away.

Inside the house, police discovered more than 500 cannabis plants which, it is estimated, could have been cultivated to produce drugs with a potential street value of more than 100,000.

Police were executing a search warrant as the result of a tip-off.

Attempt in vain: The man dashes clear as the officers try to grab him

Left for dead: The officers can only watch as the man sprints clear towards the fence...

The man leapt into the back garden from the ground floor kitchen window as plain-clothed officers used a battering ram on the front door.

He was finally apprehended in a neighbouring cul-de-sac after a passing van driver blocked the fugitive's path by placing his vehicle across the road.

Meanwhile, back at the house, another man was arrested in the hallway.

It is thought the men were making breakfast when the police forced entry. A pan full of rice was found still warm on the stove.

Potted cannabis plants were found growing under special lamps in five rooms and the garage.

Police also found chemicals and a water pump in an upstairs bathroom, plastic sheeting covering many of the windows and a heating and lighting system rigged up to the mains electricity supply.

... and climbs, without breaking stride, out of the yard, leading police on a 500 yard chase that ended when a van driver blocked the suspect's path

Finally in custody: The officers handcuff the man as they pin him to the ground

Sleeping bags were found in the lounge - one of the few rooms not to contain pots of the Class B drug.

The operation was overseen by Detective Sergeants Tim Chappell and Lee McClellan, from Basingstoke CID.

Det Sgt Chappell said: 'The operation went as expected, and although a male ran from the house he was quickly detained and we are grateful to a member of the public who assisted with that.

'This is part of an organised crime gang and we are not going to let them get a foothold in Basingstoke.'

A 23-year-old man and a 36-year-old man, both Vietnamese nationals, have been charged with being concerned in the production of a controlled Class B drug, in connection with the discovery of the cannabis plants.