Good Example Of Pseudo-Immigration Problem In The Media

What this article really means is Canada needs more and more immigrants.


1. This forecast of a skills shortage, is for 2021, is way too long away. I predict no skills shortage as Canadians have a good ability to forecast their personal economic needs and are able to fulfill them.

2. How does he know 700,000 will be unemployable by 2021? He provides no backup data to support those numbers. I say he made them up until he proves otherwise. But how can you prove future numbers?

3. We have no shortage of skilled workers now due to the recession. If we do have a shortage of skilled workers right now, companies should step up to the plate and declare their shortages in the media. Engineers, doctors, teachers, etc.

4. Over 80% of Ontarioville's exports go to one country, the USA. No plans are clearly laid out to change ths imbalance. Global indeed.


Skills shortage to leave Ontarians jobless by 2021: report | Money | Toronto Sun

, February 24, 2010


Skills shortage to leave Ontarians jobless by 2021: report

By QMI Agency
Last Updated: 3rd February 2010, 4:43pm

A shortage of skills and lack of education will mean that more than 700,000 people in Ontario will be unemployable by 2021, according to Seneca College President emeritus Rick Miner.

That figure would add to the 5% of people who are traditionally unemployed, boosting the total of jobless to 1.1 million, he said in a speech to the Canadian Club of Toronto.

"If current trends continue, hundreds of thousands of people will lack the necessary skills to find any work," Miner said presenting a report. "The unemployment crisis in Ontario will be far more severe than the current recession."

Although Miner’s study focused on Ontario, a similar trend has been noted in separate studies Canada-wide. A lack of skills coupled with the retirement of the baby-boomer generation may mean the country will have to rely on immigration to fill the available jobs, reports have found.

"The reality is that immigration could account for virtually all labour force growth in Canada within the next decade," Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said recently.
Miner say immigration alone won't be enough to fill in the employment gaps and that more education is needed.

The study said it can be conservatively estimated that at least 75% of workers in Ontario will need postsecondary education and/or training by 2021 if they are to be employable in Ontario's new innovation economy.

However, if current trends continue, only about 64% is actually expected to have acquired postsecondary credentials by that point.

Miner said Ontario must begin taking action now to address this challenge.
"We need to make significant changes," he said. "If we don't, the result will be an economy that can't complete globally and a society that can't provide opportunities for people to find employment
One wonders how such wild speculation can be taken seriously in a mainstream newspaper.
Budgets, boomers and ticking time bombs - The Globe and Mail

Budgets, boomers and ticking time bombs

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, shown arriving at Rideau Hall last month, may have time before hitting the panic button on the looming demographic shift, experts say. Chris Wattie/Reuters

quote "
Although Canada maintains the highest per capita rate of immigration in the West, immigrants can do very little to stem the bulge in Canada's aging population. One study showed that if Canada had accepted no immigrants at all from 1951 to 2001, it would only have raised the median age by 0.8 years.

“Even at 250,000 or 500,000 [immigrants per year] it's hard to change the shape of the population,” said Roderic Beaujot, a demographer at the University of Western Ontario.

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